60% off Sale at ViViG!


All skins in the ViVi Skinline at ViViG have been marked down 60% off.  The skins are now L$400 each.  Fatpacks with 40 skins, plus lipstick and breast tattoo layers, are just L$2,888.  After the sale ends, the skins will only be sold in fatpacks.

Good deal, me thinks.

February Sweater Dress

With temperatures falling below freezing here in the east coast, the thought of wearing a dress, in real life or in-world, sends shivers down my spine.

There’s been a flood of mesh dress releases that I’ve been keeping my eyes on, but I haven’t bought or tried them on yet.  I’ll probably wait ’til Spring or something.  And speaking of Spring…  It can’t come soon enough!!!

I’m wearing a sweater dress from Baiastice.  It’s a free group member gift.  It’s a simple casual everyday look that I glammed up with red lips and a messy updo.  The colors of the dress isn’t too out there either: nice and pastel, on point with the season.

Sweater Dress

Get the Look:

Skin: “ViViG – Pale 2 – DRK BROWS” by Vivig Rage of ViViG
Tattoo layers: “booN center part A hairbase chocolate” by boo Nakamura of booN; “Vivi – ViViG – Pale – Lips – 34” by Vivig Rage of ViViG
Hair: “SCO052 hair chocolate” by boo Nakamura of booN
Lashes: “Eyelashes -6- Natural” by Viola Leigh of Redgrave

Sweater Dress: “chera knitted dress-size XS” by Baiastice
Leggings: “ShinyLeggings” (free) by cocoro Lemon of COCO

Earrings: “Chloe – Black Night Earring” by kieran.debevec of Chloe
Boots: “Dune – Brown by Onyx LeShelle of Maitreya

70% OFF Elikatira Retirement Sale


Elikatira, a popular hair brand, is having a huge 70% off sale on its current inventory.  After the sale ends, ALL of the items will no longer be available.   Elikatira will be transiting to creating all mesh hair.  So, once the sale ends, the sim will close for a few months for the transition to take place.

The sale runs ’til the 23rd of February.

Read more about it here.

Kyoot Closing Sale


One of my favorite stores, Kyoot, is closing its door after a seven year run.  All items have been marked down to L$50.  The sale will last until the end of the month.  While Kyoot will still have items on the marketplace, some of them will be retired forever.

Teleport here.

Fifty Linden Friday

Belleza has three skins up at their mainstore for Fifty Linden Friday (so they’ll only be available TODAY, the 18th).  The skins, as you have guessed it, are L$50 each.  Each has a pop of color in the eye, or as Belleza would call, a “flash.”  Purple.  Pink.  Teal.  The skins are only available in one tone (pale?), with a dark brow….  No hairbase or anything else for that matter.  (You can’t be that picky with a L$50 skin.)


The purple and pink look similar, so I should have gotten one or the other, but I got them both because I thought they were pretty dang cheap.   They’re actually (combined together) cheaper than the Tee*fy tank I bought from this month’s Collabor88 event for L$188.  But I love the tank, so it’s money well spent.  It comes with a sheer and solid option.  I’m wearing it sheer (and you can’t really wear an alpha layer with that because, well, you’ll be able to see through the tank AND parts of your invisible torso…. LOL.)  Another thing I’ll say about the tank (something the designer can improve on for future releases) is that, while I love the design, the shirt is invisible from the inside…. The inside of the shirt, if you spin your camera view around to study, isn’t textured….  it’s transparent.  Not exactly 3d, huh?

I’m not the biggest fan of Belleza skins, though I can see why they’re so popular.  The faces are pretty and the shading on the legs are extremely beautiful.  The skins look kinda blurry, but that’s just my opinion.  Everyone has their own preference.


Get the Look:

Skins: “Pink Flash Skin,” “Teal Flash Skin,” and “Purple Flash Skin” by Shyla Diggs of Belleza
Hair: “Mesh Hair “Dolce” Brown 4″ by Kuranosuke Kamachi of Dela
Lashes: “Eyelashes -6- Natural *REDGRAVE*” by Viola Leigh of Redgrave

Bra: “~Love Lace~ Rosa Beige Bra 1” by Launa Fauna of Love Lace
Tank: “Tee*fy Ana Slouchy Satin Tank  Sand Sheer M” by Azure Electricteeth of Tee*fy
Slacks: “Journey Tweed Slacks – Metallic Gold” by Hudsen Armidi of Gisaci

Hand ring: “[MANDALA] LOTUS Chain Bracelet&Hand ring/black” by Kikunosuke Eel of Mandala


This isn’t really much of a blog post, but I wanted to drop in and say hi.

That, and post about ViViG‘s Vivi skinline.  There are 6 skintones…. 30 make-up each.  2 brow, pubic, hairbase and hair attachement colors.  8 breast sizes, including the default.  And lip-teeth options for every lip.  If you buy the fatpack, which isn’t exactly cheap (but worth it), you’ll get 10 extra make-ups and 12 more bonus lips and lip-teeth options.  Lots to play around with.

I’ve had the skins given to me for a couple of weeks now and I’m still playing around with make-up, mixing and matching.  As there are so many make-ups, some of the lips look the similar, but there are definitely some subtle differences, which some may detect and love.

For this entry, I want to show some of my fave make-up looks from the skinline:


As you can see, they all include a pastel pinkish lip.  I think it’s really pretty, especially with blonde hair.

The shape is one I’ve made for the Vivi skinline and can be bought at the ViViG store (I was asked to do the shape…. with great privilege, of course.)  I haven’t done shapes in a while and don’t currently have any on sale, except the one at ViViG, but I will have some up on the marketplace soon.



Skin: “*Vivi Skin – ViViG – Pale” #’s 10, 20, 36, 37 by Vivig Rage of ViViG
Eyes: “ViViG – Realistic Eyes – Light Blue Eyes” by KevLam of ViViG
Hairbase and Hair: “booN center part A hairbase blonde” and “booN SCO052 hair blonde” by boo Nakamura of booN

Dress: “Emery – Dress Feathers” by sunami beck of Emery

The Body Co. New Year Sale – Freaking HUGE!

Um, holy cow….  Big news!  The hugely popular skin store, The Body Co., is a having its first sale ever, and it’s pretty BIG!


The Body Co. is kicking off the new year with a bang!  The sale is supposed to be 50% off everything, but the sale has since been changed to a whopping 75% off for skins (making them L$500 a pop); make-up sets are still 50% off (L$250).

This is a deal, you guys.  The quality of the skins are unbeatable.  And for the price, I mean, c’mon!

The Body Co. is making room for new releases and will retire some of their skins.  So this sale may be your last chance to collect all of your favorites.

Some of my faves: Ivy, Summer and Lilac.

The sale starts tomorrow and will end on the 31st of this month.

The sale takes place on theWarehouse, the same sim used for the Armidi sale.  I also saw a bunch of Abyss skins there for L$100 a pop.  Rumor has it that the owner of The Body Co is responsible for those brands (Armidi and Abyss…and perhaps the now defunct Naughty skin brand), and I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s true.

I am wearing Lilac and am trying to rock an innocent school girl look in a free mesh dress from COCO. Tehehe.
School Girl

By the way, the Body Co. also has a selection of male skins (so you can drag your male friends there for a skin update…. LOL.)


Skin: “the body co. Lilac  (01 Fair) brown brows” by TheBodyCo of The Body Co
Hair: “[ 69 ] JESSICA 02 – Chestnut -” Kumii Yoshikawa of 69
Lashes: “Eyelashes -6- Natural *REDGRAVE*” by Viola Leigh of Redgrave
Add-on: “the body co. Lilac (01 Fair) – makeup (star)” by TheBodyCo of The Body Co

Dress: “*COCO*_Gift_ShirtDress(Mesh)” by cocoro Lemon of COCO

Nails: “::DT:: Nailpolish – Blue” by Iki Ikarus of Dutch Touch

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